Suits For Soldiers 2018

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Custom Suits for Veterans 2018 Contest

Congratulations to the following service men who were awarded a Hunter & Lords custom-tailored suit!

2018 Winners:

  • Justin Butt – US Army Captain
  • Shawn Mason – USMC
  • Joel Pickering – US Army, 75th Ranger Regiment, Specialist
  • John Hargrave – Army
  • Jon Holman – Air Force, 424th Medium Truck Detachment, E5
  • Eric Casey – US Army, 3rd/325 CBT, SFC
  • Ralph Bogan – Army, 82nd Airborne, 1LT
  • Johnathan Howard – Army HHD 42nd

“In this age of partisanship, keyboard tough guys and raging social media feuds, this is a cause we can all get behind. Whether you stand or kneel, however you vote, and whatever social issue you are passionate about, you are afforded these freedoms due to the brave men and women who fight for our right to be as menacing or as kind as we choose. We can thank Sergeant Colwell for that right, and we can thank Jim Rieser for helping make veterans’ lives less difficult.” – 614 Magazine, August 2018

In The News:

Veterans Given Custom-made suits in honor of Veteran’s Day

Suited For Service – 614 Magazine

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