Hunter & Lords is proud of its history helping soldiers transition back to civilian life. Regularly we take nominations and offer clothing packages to deserving veterans to help their transition.

The transition from active-duty soldier to the business world is tough for many reasons, and we want to do our part to help our returning heroes.

There are hundreds of deserving soldiers locally, and we are thrilled to do what we can for a select few. Thank you to all who have served so valiantly!



“It’s a lot easier to join the military than to leave the military,” Capt. Peters said. “The fear and anxiety I felt over the last year has been pretty powerful. This in some ways is like a message from the universe that I’ll be okay, that I’ll be able to make the transition, that the civilian world’s not going to destroy me, that I can use a lot of the skills I developed in the military.”

– Capt. David Peters, previous winner as quoted in the Washington Post



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